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Helping your financial services business rank on page #1 of Google through strategic financial search engine optimisation

At Rerise Digital, we're committed to getting your financial services business seen. This means we work hard to ensure your website appears on page one of the most popular search engines (aka Google), so you're right where you need to be when your target audience is seeking your services. 


All of our writers are RG146 compliant (as a minimum), with extensive financial services experience.


Copy with personality, so your audience takes on the message you intend to give, while making a big impression.


We write copy that packs a powerful punch. Our sales copy is designed to persude potential clients to take the next step.



Our writers take complex subject matter, remove any confusion, and write it in a way that resonates with the average person.

Significantly Grow Your Organic Traffic

An effective SEO strategy can see your financial services company appear right at the top of search results. With most searchers never even checking page two of Google, it's vitally important to show up on page one to get a high amount of search traffic. 


We undertake extensive market and competitor research to understand the search habits of your ideal clients. With a deep understanding of Google's algorithm, your competitors' SEO efforts, and your ideal clients' buyer journey, we develop an SEO strategy encompassing On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, Technical SEO, Content Marketing and Local SEO. Each aspect of SEO is designed to facilitate online growth, and provide more website traffic made up of potential customers.

SEO Keywords for Financial Services Industry

We undertake strategic keyword research to find relevant, short and long-tail keywords, and search phrases with a high search volume. Armed with the keywords your target audience are searching, we produce high-quality content around these words. 


We make sure your webpages are strategically written so that they align with your target audience and their search intent — it's no good appearing on page one of search engine results pages (SERPs) if your content doesn't resonate with your target audience! The content is of the highest quality, so we can not only attract visitors to your website, but also convert them once they're there. 


Appearing in organic search results for relevant search phrases is an extremely powerful lead generation tool. This is because when someone is ready to utilise a service from the financial services sector, they'll often go to Google to find a business with the service offerings they're looking for. If your business doesn't appear among the top ten finance companies on page one, it's likely the searcher (who is a very qualified lead) will never find you.

Content Marketing to Bolster Your SEO Campaign

Content marketing is one of the most important pieces of the SEO puzzle. Each time you publish quality content to your blog, you're sending important ranking signals to Google to show that your business is a leader in the industry. 


Many years ago, content could be created with keywords stuffed in amongst the rest of the copy to get a good boost on the SERPs. Google's algorithm is much more sophisticated these days, and it rewards websites for posting genuinely helpful, relevant, quality content. 

Through our high-quality content creation process, our articles are written firstly to be valuable to your human audience. We then incorporate SEO best practices into the on-site content so your website is loved by humans and Google alike!


If you would like to learn more about our financial services SEO packages, please get in touch.


What financial services do you write copy for?

We produce copy for a broad range of different financial companies. Some of our clients include financial advisors, mortgage and finance brokers, financial institutions, commercial lenders, insurance brokers, SMSF specialists, commercial lawyers, underwriters, stock market analysts, fintechs, and companies offering other financial instruments.

We can produce any sort of written content — including client letters, product disclosure statements or something as simple as a home page. 

How do you ensure the content is compliant?

We follow the relevant regulatory guides to ensure our written content is consistent with financial copywriting best practices. We are very aware of the dangers of providing financial advice where it isn't warranted, so we always keep things factual and general.

Do you write financial content for other mediums?

Yes! We can provide financial copywriting and content for any medium you require. Website copywriting, finance articles and email copy are the most common pieces of content we develop, but we'll gladly assist with whatever you need. 

Other examples include social media posts, thought leadership pieces, press releases, whitepapers, brochures, editorial pieces, and anything else you can think of.  

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